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What are the advantages of Marine rubber joints
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After entering the 21st century, more and more domestic rubber joints have been used in various occasions, bringing more and more influence in different fields. And more prominent. Of course, in this process, the packaging of these rubber joints has become a very critical issue. Marine rubber joints are used for connecting pumps and valves, especially for pipelines with large vibration and frequent changes in heat and cold. Marine rubber joint is composed of fabric reinforced rubber parts connected with loose metal flanges. It is used for vibration isolation, noise reduction and displacement compensation of pipelines. It is a kind of pipe joint with high elasticity, high air tightness, medium resistance and weather resistance. The following is the Marine rubber joints need to meet the performance requirements of the introduction, I hope to help you.

Marine rubber joints are hollow rubber products used for flexible connection between metal pipes. By the inner and outer layer of rubber, curtain layer and steel ring composed of tubular rubber parts, vulcanized after forming and metal flange or parallel joint loose sleeve combination. This product can reduce vibration and noise, and can compensate thermal expansion and contraction caused by temperature change. It is widely used in all kinds of piping systems. The rubber joint is manufactured by the new technology of air blowing mould, which is composed of the ball and loose sleeve forging of the inner rubber layer, the reinforcing layer, the middle rubber layer and the outer rubber layer, which has the advantages of high pressure resistance, good elasticity, large displacement, good effect of vibration and noise reduction and easy installation.