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The world's first! China's Marine low speed aircraft project has made a major breakthrough
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  Recently, the completeness of Marine 520mm cylinder diameter low-speed diesel engine engineering prototype was successfully completed in Dalian Shipbuilding Industry, a subsidiary of China Shipbuilding (600150) Group.

  This type of machine for the world's first integrated selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology on board system and meet the international maritime organization (IMO) Tier Ⅲ emissions requirements of Marine diesel engine at low speed. The completion of the closing node marks the final stage of the final assembly and commissioning preparation after the engineering prototype development.

  This type of engine is a new generation of Marine low-speed diesel engine independently developed by China Shipping Group. It has the technical advantages of high economy, low emission and high performance index, etc. Its performance index reaches the international level, and can be widely applied to bulk carriers and oil (chemical) ships of 50000~85000 tons and containers (multi-purpose) ships of 1100~2500TEU.

  This type machine adopts integrated on the SCR system is designed, which can be directly through the selective catalytic reduction reaction on board to reduce nox concentration in diesel exhaust, to meet the need for an external exhaust aftertreatment device IMO emission control area (ECA) rules of Tier Ⅲ emissions requirements. In the non-ECA area, the host can automatically switch off the SCR system to reduce the consumption of catalyst and increase its service life.

  Affected by THE COVID-19 epidemic, the spare parts of domestic and foreign supporting enterprises cannot arrive on time, which brings many uncertain factors to the assembly of the complete machine on time. To this end, the Research institute of CSSC, which is in charge of the research and development, and Dalian Shuanchai have worked closely to take timely and targeted measures to minimize the impact of the epidemic. After the coordination and cooperation of various parties, the large closing node task of the prototype was finally completed as scheduled, which laid a foundation for the whole machine commissioning and heavy parts closing test in the next stage.