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    About Us

    The enterprise culture of INHEMETER is gradually formed and improved in practice through a long-term accumulation and precipitation. It is based on the Chinese nation’s good quality of hard work and diligence, honesty and trustworthiness and takes the mainstream values of the core management team as main body and joint struggle of all employees as bond.


    Mission: Power the World with Sunlight


    Vision: Seeking common development, Sharing future achievement. Seeking common development--be of one mind and become global excellent enterprise; Sharing future achievement--  Reward staff, reward shareholder, reward society for the promising future.


    Value: be loyal to career, be supportive to customer, be respectful to each other, be active to innovation, be pragmatic and efficient to work.

    The Origin of INHEMETER’s Brand Name


    A Chinese poem mentioned that the Weaver Maid was going to cross the Milky Way (INHE is the transliteration of the Milky Way) to meet her lover, the Cowherd, tonight, so she stopped her jade shuttle in the early autumn.


    There are many alternative names of the Milky Way in Chinese folk, like Tianhe, Yinhan, Xinghe, Xinghan, Yunhan which shows its important role in Chinese culture. The legend of the Weaver Maid and Cowherd’s Magpie-bridge Meeting is even known to every household.


    The westerners imagine the Milky Way as the milk that flows from the queen of the heaven when she is feeding the baby and call it Milk Way. This is where the English Milky Way comes from.


    In a clear night sky, when you look up at the sky, you can not only see countless gleaming stars, but also a slight shawl-like light band that spans the entire sky, like a big river in the sky. It is in the north-south direction in summer, and close to the east-west direction in winter like running rapids, rushing down for a thousand li. That is just the Milky Way.


    The stars of the night sky are dazzling, but in the vast Milky Way Galaxy, the number of stars is calculated in billions. We, INHEthe Milky Way), must gather the glory of the stars and become a century-old enterprise.

    The Meaning of INHEMETER’s LOGO


    The logo of INHEMETER takes the letter "Y" as the creative shape which is the first letter of Yinhe(same as INHE, the Milky Way) in Chinese Pinyin so it is easy to create brand associations.


    The logo as a whole is like a meter with industry attributes that impress people.


    The pointer and scale of the meter in the logo are star-shaped, closely related to the company name "INHE" 


    The five stars in the logo represent the company's five initiators, symbolizing the spirit of unity, endeavor and struggle. It also symbolizes that every employee shines on the platform of the INHEMETER.


    The logo uses dark blue as the primary color and gold as the secondary color. Blue color has the characteristic of profundity, representing technology and wisdom, implying the company's high-tech corporate temperament. The bright golden color symbolizes the excellent quality of the company's products and the bright future.


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