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    About Us

    Inhenergy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as INHENERGY) is a High- Tech enterprise specialized in string inverter products and systems for the core components of distributed photovoltaic power generation systems.

    INHENERGY focuses on both household and commercial distributed power generation market and has professional R&D team with rich experience. INHENERGY has comprehensive product series and has obtained multiple national invention patents. INHENERGY explores global business with the self owned brand strategy and the core competitiveness of product reliability and stability.  

    Bearing in the mind the mission of “Power the World with Sunlight”, INHENERGY continues the research on key technologies, including photovoltaic grid-tied solution, solar storage and chagrining solution, demand side management, electricity transaction platform and micro-grid energy management system to improve the capability of intelligent scheduling, real-time transaction, filed absorption and energy efficiency.


    Intelligent manufacturing has become the development trend of world manufacturing industry, INHE follows the trend to layout global manufacturing , promote industrial upgrading, take ‘lean production’ as the concept, build modern factory with high standard that integrates informationization and automation, realizing automation, transparency, visualization and lean of the whole production process and digital process management. INHE pushes more efforts on research and application of production automation to maximize production efficiency and optimize quality control, providing for global customers with stable and safe products.

    Combined with  the optimized management process and advanced production logistics layout and operation mode, INHE utilizes advanced smart manufacturing management software platform to make management system intelligent, digital and visual, which provides INHE with great manufacturing completive advantage of short cycle, fast turnover, low cost and high quality.

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